As a Catholic school, we believe each family ought to make a “just and reasonable” contribution toward the actual cost to educate their child(ren), knowing this contribution is an investment in their child’s future. Family tuition contributions are the foundation of the long-term financial sustainability of our school; however, no family should be unduly burdened by paying an extreme proportion of their income toward childcare or education. As a stance of equity, we believe that those families who have been blessed with the means to pay full tuition ought to be expected to do so. Those families who are less financially well-off, ought to receive fair tuition assistance. We want all families to be able to live a good life, save for their futures, take care of themselves and their loved ones during crises, and still get a great education that doesn’t financially undercut these other important elements of a good and healthy life.
Our Just Tuition Contribution model relies on an income-based sliding tuition scale to determine a family’s “Out-Of-Pocket” tuition responsibility, as well as the total amount of financial aid a family will receive (in the form of Wellspring Tuition Assistance & External Scholarships like ACE, Schmitz, or Seeds of Hope). Any family who completes this financial aid application will be eligible to receive financial aid and a lower tuition amount if they qualify, according to their household income (as verified by a current tax document: 2019 W2 or 1040). Please note that we take into account only income (not expenses). Family expenses are difficult to evaluate and compare, and we do not feel that it is our place to do so. Rather, we aim to create a clear, standardized, and just way of ensuring that each family is making a fair contribution toward their child’s education and receiving the corresponding financial aid they need.
Just Tuition Contribution Model  //  GUIDING PRINCIPLES
  • Simplicity – The income-based tuition scale ought to be easy to understand and simple to navigate.
  • Consistency – The process of offering financial aid ought to be administered fairly & consistently to all families.
  • Transparency – We value clarity in our financial aid process as well as transparency about the true cost to educate a child. Full tuition ought to reflect that real cost.
  • Fairness – “Fair” and “just” do not mean everyone pays the “same amount.” Instead, we believe each family’s sacrifice for their kids’ education ought to be similar in proportion.
  • Vitality – Our goal is not simply surviving, but thriving. Our financial aid system must ensure adequate financial resources to deliver fully on our bold mission.
  • Sustainability – We aim for balanced budgets that forge a path toward long-term financial sustainability; our financial aid system must neither over-burden individual families nor threaten the school’s sustainability.
Just Tuition Contribution Model  //  TUITION SCALE ESTIMATOR TOOL

Created in collaboration between school leadership and our Parent Council, the table below outlines the income-based sliding tuition scale we use to estimate a family’s “Just Tuition Contribution” whenever a family completes a Financial Aid Application. Based on a family’s income, they will be responsible for paying “out of pocket” a certain percent of the True Cost for each child, as represented below.

*Please know that the table represents a close estimate. The actual calculation may vary somewhat from this based on the specific financial documentation submited with a financial aid application.

Why is Full Tuition $9,000 per child?

The superior Catholic EL Education students receive at Wellspring Catholic Academy of St. Bernadette is simply not cheap to provide. Ensuring we have a team of talented and fairly-compensated educators and staff, well-resourced classrooms, high-quality curriculum, up-to-date technology, and first-rate facilities costs upwards of a million dollars annually. Given our intentionally small size, this means that the “Real Cost” to educate one child in our strong program is approximately $9,000 per year. In keeping with our Guiding Principles above, we believe that “Full Tuition” ought to reflect the fiscal reality of the “Real Cost” and communicate to all families the great worth and value of their child’s education.

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