Robbie Bernardin

Principal  |  Ext. 002

My name is Robbie Bernardin, the proud principal here at Wellspring Catholic Academy. Kurt Hahn, a maverick educator and the founder of Outward Boud (the parent organization of EL), once said “There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.” As an educator, I believe deeply that within each of us – kids, parents, teachers, everyone – God has placed an extraordinary set of gifts, and with the proper support, cultivation, and challenge, we can develop these gifts and share them greatly to help build a better world! In the long term, that is what Catholic education is all about – partnering with parents to form their children into the active, empowered disciples, artists, writers, scientists, historians, mathematicians, and change-agents our world so greatly needs.

Before joining Wellspring, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, then served for 2 years as a teacher through the Notre Dame ACE Teaching Fellows Program earning my Masters. I spent the next 8 years as a middle school math and science teacher, instructional coach, development director, and asst. principal at Annunciation Catholic EL School in Denver, as well as an adjunct professor of education at Regis University, on the side. But outside of school, I’m a backyard gardener, dedicated science nerd, avid runner and golfer, craft cocktail enthusiast, and proud husband and father.

Karina Campa

Preschool Director  |  Ext. 004

My name is Karina Campa, and I am the Preschool Director and Lead Teacher at Wellspring Catholic Academy. As an early childhood educator, I aspire not only to help children learn fundamental skills, but also to get them excited to explore the world and learn new things through interactive activities. To ensure the emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development of each child, I designer learning experiences that cultivate creativity, encourage innovative thinking, celebrate perseverance, honor success & failure, turn frustration into learning opportunities, awaken social responsibility, model fairness and justice, all within the safety of loving, trusting relationships. With every child I teach, my hope is to develop in them a life long love for learning.

I a grew up speaking Spanish at home and learning English at school, so I know well what many bilingual kids go through as they acquire linguistic skills in 2 languages. My ability to speak and learn in both languages is an incredible asset and skill, and I cherish this gift in many of the students I teach. I am also a proud mother of two sons and a Colorado sports fan!

Ellen Kail

Kindergarten Teacher  |  Ext. 010

My name is Ellen Kail, and I teach kindergarten at Wellspring Catholic Academy. I have been a teacher for over 20 years, teaching in EL schools for the past 5. As a teacher, I love EL because it empowers me to bring best teaching practices into the classroom such that each child becomes an active participant in and leader of their own learning – at the end of the year, students leave my classroom excited about learning and loving Jesus! My love of teaching is evident when you step into my classroom, where I ensure that every child feels welcomed, encouraged, challenged, understood, and loved. My goal is for each child to 
I am a proud mother of three, and I believe my role as mother and teacher is a calling and gift from God. I  have always striven to be the type of teacher that I would want my own children to have. Before joinging the Wellspring crew, I taught in Catholic schools in New Orleans, Connecticut, Denver, and Queens, NewYork – my hometown. I am so excited to join the Wellspring Catholic Academy & St. Bernadette Parish community as we embark on this new beginning. 

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